Through the app you can choose between direct payment or through vouchers.

Shar-e is the first collaborative electric vehicle recharging app, being able to choose between paying for your recharging or giving your host a voucher for the recharged kW, so that he can use them in his own car with another host.

Shar-e will recommend a price for the kwh to its hosts (€ 0.30 / kwh currently) designed for any hourly rate, gradually recovering the installation costs (wallbox and others) and that is competitive with public loads of similar power . Thanks to the calculator integrated in the app, the amount of the charge will be known before it is made and the payment can be made in advance, via Bizum or similar.

But also, only with Shar-e will you have the possibility to use our bonuses as payment for your recharge. By registering in the application, you approve the use of bonuses and we will automatically give you a 30kw bonus that you can use in your next load with another of our users, who can use said bonus in another charger and so on.

Get more bonuses as a host by making your profile attractive with good ratings from other users. Use them later on your trips and exchange your energy, without worrying about rises and falls in the price of electricity. No economic transactions. Use your energy where you want.

punto de carga coches electricos shar-e exchange your energy

Charging stations

Find charging stations for the public network and for individuals.

shar-e sistema de bonos para recargar tu coche a traves de la aplicacion

Bonus system

Through the app you can choose between direct payment or through vouchers.

genera energia de autoconsumo fotovoltaica y eolica shar-e exchange your energy

Energy sharing

You can compare and sell renewable energy for self-consumption to electricity companies.