SHAR-E is an application for mobile devices that allows its users to use/exchange other users’ electric vehicle recharging points, taking advantage of the use of the internet and social networks to create a community for renting recharging spaces.

Shar-e is the first collaborative electric vehicle recharging app, being able to choose between paying for your recharge or giving your host a bonus for the kw recharged, so that he can use them in his own car with another host.

Get more bonuses as a host by making your profile attractive with good ratings from other users. Use them later on your trips and exchange your energy, without worrying about ups and downs in the price of electricity. No financial transactions. Use your energy where you want.

CHARGING STATIONS Find the charging station that best suits your needs on your journey: location, type of connector in your vehicle and time/cost of recharging.

Shar-e is also unique in its ecological commitment. You will know which hosts have energy self-consumption facilities, ensuring that the energy used in your recharge is 100% renewable and zero CO2 emissions. And for the hosts it is another way to amortize their solar panels or wind turbine!

At Shar-e we consider energy self-consumption fundamental in the energy transition towards renewable energy sources. Or what is the same, produce your own energy for your personal consumption and your “energy freedom”, outside the swings of the large electricity companies and government regulations and taxes.

On the SHAR-E web platform you can sell that surplus energy to the company that best offer.

Sell ​​your electricity to the company of your choice.

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